Tuesday, May 12, 2015

My Daily Skin Care Products/ Routine

Hello loves!
I'm not super fancy when it comes to how I take care of my face in fact I'm pretty simple, less is more! In my opinion I feel as though once you start using anti-aging face products you have to continuously use them because you'll definitely notice once you stop so I try to avoid them but that's just me. I'm lazy when it comes to certain things so I prefer to spend less time doing them lol also I suck at keeping routines up I always forget that's why I keep things pretty simple when it comes to skin care and honestly it shouldn't be that complicated.

First and foremost DRINK WATER!
 I cant stress that enough, but you all knew that!
Then find products that work for your skin and keep it simple.
Here are some of my favorites (:

1) Simple Cleansing Micellar Water $6: Ive recently started using it and I'm in love! It takes my makeup with ease, there's no scent, my skin feels hydrated after, and its not drying at all!

How I Use It
- In to mornings to cleanse my face or if I am too lazy to wash my face before bed.

2) Coconut Oil $6 (at Walmart other places are a bit more): try to get unrefined its better for the skin but this works just fine, Ive noticed a change in my skin since using it as a oil wash once or twice a week depending on how my skin feels, I also use it with lotion all over my body.

How I Use It:
- As an oil cleanser (once a week)
- As a sealant after I put moisturizer on
- on my lips
- Mixed in with foundation, I know what you're thinking but it changed my life!
(Also on my hair)

3) CeraVe $15 (they have smaller sizes): Its very thick in consistency but light weight as well the downside it does not have SPF (they do have SPF in other moisturizers they sell) there's no scent, good for normal to dry skin. You can get CeraVe for pretty much any skin type which is why i love it.

How I Use It:
 I use this with the product below because of its thickness so I really don't need much maybe a dime size amount or less for my entire face.

4) Mario Badescu Facial Spray $7: This is comparable to MAC's Fix+ but better IMO because it contains rose water, aloe and herbs however if you don't like the smell of roses obviously you may not want to buy this. My skin ahas been a bit more even since I've started using this almost a year ago. You can find it at Ulta in this size or travel size you can only purchase the larger bottle on Mario Badescu's site for $14.

How I Use It:
- To prime my skin before I apply my moisturizer
- To refresh throughout the day

Makeup related
- blending out concealer
-applying highlighter
-on my brushes to make the shadows more pigmented