Sunday, February 16, 2014

MAC 'Give Me Sun' dupe

So I would normally reach for 'Give Me Sun' on a daily bases to contour or bronze me up a bit for a natural look and being that it's somewhat expensive I was looking through my collection for something similar to use every now and when I came across NYC 'Sunny' bronzer. I noticed they were pretty much the same. Give Me Sun is slightly darker than my skin tone (I consider myself medium/tan I know in the beauty world I'm "dark" so if that helps use that as a guideline I guess) Sunny doesn't show up as much as Give Me Sun does, I'd say it's a more natural bronze or healthy glow for my skin tone.

(Top no flash/bottom w/flash)

(Top natural light/ bottom flash)

Give Me Sun is a bit darker,more pigmented, silky, matte finish, slightly orangy. Good for medium skin tones (if you're fair use a light hand)  It will cost you about $30 and you'll get 0.35oz

Sunny is slightly more orange toned, it's not so pigmented but build-able, somewhat gritty/chalky, matte, very natural. This is definitely great on fair to medium skin tones.  $5 at my local Target, 0.33oz. 
 You're getting about as much product as the MAC bronzer for a fraction of the cost which is perfect if you're not looking to splurge. 

I'm partial to Give Me Sun I will be honest with you lol however I use Sunny as an eyeshadow a lot and to contour my nose on occasion.