Saturday, December 14, 2013


NIOXIN: Diamax Treatment $50.00
Increases thickenss, and strengthens the hair.
I havent really had a chance to use this but when I do I will update you all.
OCEANE:Makeup Remover Pen $5.30
BCBGMAXAZRIA: Bon Genre (Eau De parfume) $75.00 [3.4oz]
Seductive, mysterious, and intriguing night time scent

BE A BOMBSHELL: Eyeliner marker in Onyx $14.00  They say t has a curved tip but it doesnt, its very black, dries extremely fast so you have to work quickly with it.
EMITE MAKEUP: Eyelash curler $30.50 (matte black) very easy to use,  light weight, gives a great curl to the lashes.


(left to right) Ingenue, Elusive, Sultry, Shameless,Audacious, Striking and Standout (2) Not pictured Showy.

So I went a bit crazy when the Colorburst balms came out!! I bought 8 in total: 7 matte, 1 lacquer balm. I wasn't really interested in the lacquer balms because of the glitter chunks int most of them also I didn't see any shades that I didn't already have from another brand. Matte lipsticks are more my thing plus I can always add lip gloss on top if I wanted the look of the lacquer balm also they kind of remind of A slightly creamy version of their Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains that I HATE!!!! As far as the matte balms go I LOVE them!!! I don't have anything bad to say about them.......they are super comfortable to wear unlike most matte lipsticks high end or drugstore.  They are all very long wearing I've eaten with them on and I hate eating in lip products but they were so light weight I forgot I was even wearing anything and by the time i was finished my lipstick was still on ( I ate nachos and we know how messy that can get) I had little to touch up, drank and even slept in them (quick nap) and they didn't budge at all! AMAZE!!!

On a scale of 1-10 (1 being bad-10 being  amazing) I'd give this product a 9.5 I wish they would come out with even more shades. There are 10 shades in each set i picked up 7 out of the 10 matte colors. In my area I spent about $7 at Target however at Walgreens I purchased the deep red shade for around $9, you can find these at CVS, Target, and Walgreens possibly Rite Aid if there is one in your area (I don't have one around me) They JUST got them at Walmart in my town.

  • Opaque
  • Smooth
  • Long wearing
  • Affordable
  • Minty scent while its not overwhelming I don't care for it… only notice later on if you lick your lips. This is just nitpicking honestly lol I have nothing bad to say about them.

There's A shade for everyone in Revlon's new line , of course they are really good about shade selection: as A woman of color I truly appreciate that.

Ive done swatches without lip balm on my to give A more accurate representation of the color and application also reapplying A matte product is rough on the lips so don't judge me lol I didn't use any liners with these besides you don't need one really. 

FYI when I use the term 'medium" to describe skin tone I'm going based off of my skin tone so just apply to your skin color obviously. I'm in no way trying to offend anyone keep that in mind please. 

Thanks for reading and if you don't hear from me before Christmas I hope you all have a blessed one! xoxo.

(Top w/o flash - Bottom w/ flash)

SHOWY: standard magenta, opaque, works well with every skin color.

ELUSIVE: Coral-ish pink very wearable for day to day
IMO this color would look best on fair to medium skin tones.

AUDACIOUS: Peachy/Orange not a true orange at all, goes on pretty smooth, opaque but also wearable, great on any skin tone.(MATTE)

STRIKING: orange-ish red, very bright, somewhat sheer, looks good on most skin tones. Ive always felt this color looks cheap its my least favorite shade of red.

SULTRY: This one is tricky to describe because it looks different all the time, sometimes its a toffee brown color or pinky brown with rusty undertones.Very pigmented, applies flawlessly.  However its a beautiful color I was unsure of at first. Would look best on medium to deep skin tones.

STANDOUT: MY FAVORITE!!!! Its gorgeous true deep blue toned red, applies very even and opaque, creamy, smooth, perfect on every skin tone from day to night super wearable! I had to buy a back up just in case!

SHAMELESS: vampy grey purple. applies patchy but that's normal with this color however its very pigmented. I love this shade as well, it was the shade that sold me on this line. Also great on everyone if you're bold enough to wear it.

INGENUE: Brown with a slight pink or smoked peach undertone, my lips but better color (on me), probably a bit too dark of a nude shade for fair skin but great for medium to dark I'd add a liner for deeper skin tones however this will look different depending on how pigmented your lips are. The glitter isn't that bad but you'll notice.