Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Easter 2014

Happy Easter everyone! I didnt do much really just had dinner with some family. This year was kind of a drag do to some family members that passed away recently and those annoying family members we all have however I am here with some snaps of the day hope you all enjoy and that your Easter was better than mine xoxo. 

                My Outfit of The Day (:
I know it doesn't scream Easter but whatever I dress the way feel day to day. 

Went down to my aunts basement for something...."but first let me take a selfie"

           Nicole in her Easter dress (:

Then I left for a bit to go see my god-kids and my bestie. 

      Shhhhh don't tell her I posted this! 
Finally cleaning up their chalk after being told 3 times sheeeesh! 

           My gorgeous little love Jade!  

How creepy does she look!! This is how we ended our day with a long drive home (: 

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Olay Fresh Effects......

I've been using this range from Olay since they launched it and I absolutely love it!!! It's perfect for the warmer months here in Wisconsin. It's fresh, clean, lightweight, and affordable. You can find these products and more at any drugstore. 

I literally use these products daily when the weather is nice. I have sensitive skin nothing has broken me out ever. 

I only use these 3 products at the moment but they have plenty more to choose from. I will say the only product of theirs I will not be trying is the BB Cream only because it does not come in many shades just light and light/medium unfortunately, it sucks because I've heard good things about it. They have a few face washes/scrubs as well. 

Dew Over
$12 1.7 oz. 

Is a gel formula, not greasy, smooth, lightweight, smells really good as well like honeysuckle and white tea this moisturizer does not contain SPF which may be a downside for most people however I'm ok with that. I like to use this under more matte foundations to give a more skin like appearance. I also like it under MAC face and body. 

Long Live Moisture! 
$10 1.7oz

This is by far my most favorite moisturizer on the planet aside from my Vichy Aqualia Thermal but that is another story for another post.  If you haven't noticed I love gel moisturizers more than cream ha! However this one is slightly different than most you'd find in the drugstore because it's it's a gel and cream mix with a pearlescent finish, super silky, and extremely hydrating which leaves your skin glowing with or without foundation. It also acts as a primer for me so I can skip a step and that makes things easier for me although it's insignificant. SPF isn't in this either but like I said before that isn't a problem for me. I love to use this with tinted moisturizers or bb creams because its non oily and doesn't weigh me now. There's no real scent. 

Everything Off
$5 for 25 wipes. 

Lightly scented, not greasy but leaves a tad bit of a residue after use but that is typical of any wipe I've ever use to be honest. They do get everything of like they say with no burning to the eyes. I haven't broken out from these at all. 

Take Me Out The Ball Game.......

Heeeey guys! I went to my first Brewers game of the season on Saturday (April 12th) it was sooooo fun even after we got rained out of our seats haha. I would've vlogged but I kind of forgot, sorry buuut I did take some pictures. If you follow me on Instagram you may have already seen them and the video of us getting rained on. 

Gotta have the shameless ootd right?! 

Outfit info: 
Navy blue bomber:H&M 
Gold necklace: H&M 
Brewers tee: Team store
H&M basic white tank
Moto jeans: H&M 
Cowboy boots: Steve Madden (not sure if you can still purchase these)
Coach bag 

We went to eat first cause we all know how exspenxsive food is at the stadium lol however I wanted to eat there because they just put Aj Bombers in! Yes I know tailgating is the norm but this was not a well planned out day so next time we def will do that. 
This is Louie he was my date lol 

                         Miller Park

We of course welcomed back our #1 RYAN BRAUN woooo! 

It looks like I have a mullet *deep sigh* 

Walking up the ramp....
I'm out of shape *cries* but I gotta get to the beer!!!
 I should be ashamed of myself for not getting a local brand buuuut I wanted something different don't judge me. 

Now on to our seats....they weren't the best but I liked them. 

Beautiful right (:

Settling in......
                 (Donna'Bell and I)
                          Smh lol
             This is "mom" aka Sarah 
So I took Ashley's clip-in and the ppl a few rows above thought I found it on the ground haha they were soooo grossed out it was great. 

But first let me take a a selfie.....

Karma Wellness Water

So I was at my local grocery store browsing about when I came across this "wellness" water. Now I'm a total sceptic so I'm thinking "this isn't gonna make me feel better or whatever blah blah" the bottle claims it's all natural which I think is totally false because of the ingredient list and it claims that it's gluten and lactose free (true)!
They have 5 different uses Mind, Spirit, Vitality, Balance, Spirit and Body. I chose 'Body' mostly because of the the flavor (guava, jackfruit and raspberry) the bottle says it is a fitness booster. Based on the flavor alone it's bland, kind of has that crystal light taste but less sweet with a touch of crushed up chewable vitamins if that makes any sense? I will try other flavors and this one again while working out to see if I feel any different. 

Cost: $1.99 

It starts out as fresh spring bottles water so at first I thought it was flavored until I read the back. 

You have to push the cap where all the vitamin powder is stored until it clicks then shake and it's ready to drink. 

Once you out the vitamins powder in it's somewhat of an time sensitive thing because the powder lose it's nutritional value the longer it sits. 
Sorry for the crappy quality pics this was a last minute thought of sharing something new I've tried with you all. 

Give it a shot and let me know how you like it if you try it out! Xoxo