Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Birthday, Coffee & Sweets

Today (November 12) is my moms birthday so we decided to get coffee, lunch, some sweet treats and spend some time bonding. We dont do big birthday plans much these days now that everyone is in different places and considering we're all grown now its not such a big deal also our birthdays are days few days apart so its easier to combine things #TeamScorpio lol 
She doesnt like pictures so to make up for that heres what I wore and what we ate (:

Plaid Shirt-Target
Anorak-Old Navy
Boots-Dr. Marten
Nails- AA Forest

 Not the best coffee Ive had but Im not picky since I dont like coffee that much in the first place however it got the job done in this 30 degree Milwaukee weather.
Caramel Mocha Latte

I love eating at Whole Foods it always makes me feel like im doing something good for my health lol! This is my go-to lunch whenever Im near A Whole Foods. Theyre yummy, healthy plus the cilantro chutney has the perfect amount of spice and for $4 youre full for most of the day. The avocado was plus I put it on nearly everything.
Vegetarian Samosas
Cilantro Chutney
(Whole Foods)

OMG! I.....have not words for this just go try it!
Bacon Maple Donut

I nearly died lol so yummy! I normally dont eat many sweet things but this was well worth it.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Week In Outfits

Day 1
White Tee H&M
 Cut-out boots-Old Navy (sale)
Touch of Spice-Maybelline
I felt like a mix of A pin up girl with a touch of masculinity. If you know anything about me you know I like to A bit of androgyny in my daily look, its what I feel the most comfortable in.

 Even my socks have are small masculine touch.
Petrol-Sally Hansen
 DAY 2

This was my last week of work so I went a bit casual.
Anorak-Old Navy
Plaid Shirt-Target
White Tee-H&M
Touch of Spice-Maybelline

 Stripe shirts have been a go to item recently, im not sure why but ive been loving them so much but this one is my favorite of the ones I own because the sleeves are already cuffed, its oversized and it washed well.

Denim Jacket-Target
Striped Tee-Old Navy
Moto Jeggings-H&M
Rings gifts/vintage
Iphone 5s case-Amazon
 DAY 4

This is probably my favorite outfit from this past week because it has everything I love in an outfit: comfort, warmth and layers. Its so easy to wear, effortless and anyone can wear this.
Camo Jacket-Thrifted
1981 Sweatshirt-H&M (LE)
Dr. Martens-gift


I stepped out of my box.....well more like a free fall tbh! lol Ive had this dress (1 of 5 I own) the longest time and Ive only worn it maybe twice this being the second time. I was channelling 90's grunge......A fashion era that is quite amazing to me.

Army Jacket-Thrift
Sweater (?)
Cheetah print dress-H&M
Sheer stockings-Target
Knee highs-Target
Siren in Scarlett-Maybelline
Ruby Woo-MAC

 (My boobs arent uneven its just how i was posing lol I know how weird it looks)

Day 6

Denim Jacket-Target
Garter leggings-Hot Topic
Touch of Spice-Maybelline Mattes