Saturday, June 27, 2015

Week In Photos #4

Ive been MIA for a while I know!! Ive been trying to get a hang of my new Macbook it so different than my old one and Ive been going through some personal things in my life as well that I may touch on in a later post.  

On a higher note here's some things I've been up to over the last few days/weeks.

1) Bourbon, Ive been really in to that stuff lately. Im normally not a dark liquor fan but things change as you age.

2) Salmon with lemon garlic aioli and sautéed greens. #ChefTris

3) Red Robin.....YUUUM! 

4) Avocado on toast is my go to breakfast or snack, yummy!

5) Bananas Foster Froyo need i say more?

6) Backyard fun with some friends

7) SIL's Mini doughnuts are staple when you're at Summerfest

8) I saw this cool pic on tumblr of vintage soda cans, thought it was nice.

9) I do need more shoes

10) Happy Fathers Day Dad! (: 
(I did tell him on time by the way )

Thursday, June 4, 2015

The Shirt Dress

I FINALLY found the perfect t-shirt dress (for me anyway) that I bought it in navy blue/cream!!
I'm in love and the best part they're AFFORDABLE, do you hear me Urban Outfitters?! At a whopping $9.99 a piece at H&M they are just as good or better than one that might cost you $40. Its soft, breathable, comfortable and they don't stretch out in weird ways but most importantly they have sizes for everyone, so go get you soooome! 

I'm currently reading East of Eden, pick it up its a great read.

Scarf: Target *old*
Skull bracelet: Amazon
Delphi Watch (thrifted)
(Yes that's a My Little Pony key chain, don't judge lol)

Lips: NYX Monte Carlo

Bomber: Target (also comes in Olive Green)

This is one reason I love the Third Ward 

Boots: Rampage via TjMaxx **old**
Fringe crossbody: Merona via Target (also comes in tan)