Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Memorial Weekend......2015

 For the last few years Ive been going up north to the Dells with some friends/extended "family" for Memorial weekend to camp and celebrate. This year was great minus to rain on Sunday but thankfully it didn't rain too long.

If you don't know Wisconsin Dells is home to the largest water park in the U.S. if you haven't been you should get out here and take in all the sites. If you want the best experience come during the warmer months (June-Sept) theres tons to do. Going up north is something most families do here in Wisco all year around, we grow up doing this yearly. People come from all over to visit the water parks because they're so fun! I suggest you go to the Kalahari its the BEST hotel/water park we have IMO, also visit Noah's Ark!

I planned on vlogging but I got caught up in the weekend I kind of forgot then just decided not to later on but I managed to get some decent pictures, I guess lol

Bag; Target (it comes in brown)
Pants: Target (sale)
Shirt: Brewers 
We were loading up the truck getting ready to head out! You see my camera in my purse, so much for that. I pack light....this is camping after all.

Lunch break in Lake Delton (:
Subway isn't my first choice ever, its not fresh despite the claims I'm not sure who they're trying to fool?

Hello Holiday Shores!!! 
How beautiful is the Wisconsin River!!!?! Now to unpack and settle in, I totally forgot to get a shot of our campsite but we took up 6 sites, we looked like some shanty town lol
The campgrounds are really cool but we didn't go through it as planned so I didn't get pics this year.

This picture doesn't do the sunset justice, it was so gorgeous!

soooo beautiful.

We were going to rent a pontoon but things didn't go the way thought ):

We tried a facebook recipe, turned out really good actually! 

Marshmallow Fluff+strawberry roast on open flame, enjoy!

I love classic cars and this was a treat to see considering I missed Automotion the weekend before.

We go every year (:

I'm going to say this is the BEST pizza place in Wisconsin, try it!
(It was too good to snap a pic)

Trying to stay healthy after eating brats, ribs and burgers all weekend.

Its mandatory to have a swig with Nig.

we thought this was a bit sketchy

Best breakfast in the Dells

Happy Memorial Day
Getting ready to leave but first Ry-Ry and Natalie stopped to dig for "dino bones"

A snack for the ride home!

I had an amazing weekend I hope yours was just as great or better (: