Sunday, November 1, 2015

October Highlights

1) Our day trip to Chicago went 75% unplanned which was fine because we don't live far away. I didn't do any shopping sadly but I did get to explore a bit more since I haven't been in the city for years! 
2) MARS Cheese Castle Ive lived in Wisconsin my whole life yet this was the first time I've been there and i must say i was somewhat disappointed however the food there is amazing.
3) Happy Birthday Elise!
4) I love them to the moon and back <3
5) This month i also got to carve my first pumpkin!!! I did pretty good, right? 
6) GO PACK GO we're 6-0!!! #ClayMate #52
7) The Bucks home opener was this past Wednesday it was very exciting, flashy and fun even though we lost.
8) Might Meal? This was very nostalgic for me because when i was young my grandma would pick me up from school every wednesday and we'd both get a "Happy Meal" then go shopping. I miss those days with her, I'd do anything to have them back. #RIH 
9) 10/25/15 'The Baptism' the day I completely opened up my heart and life to God, time really exciting to be on this new journey in my life! (: