Sunday, March 29, 2015

Week In Photos #3

1) Breakfast!! Ive been on The Whole30 diet plan on and off for a few months now, we all know how hard it is to stay on a plan. Like an idiot I started during the holiday season (thanksgiving) and was doing very well I even lost 20 lbs then put about 10 lbs back on by the end of Jan so I'm back at it however I need to get back on this hardcore.
2) I went to see Jimmy Santiago Baca speak at my college for our class assignment this past Thursday and I'm actually glad I did because he was great! He previewed his new book and movie for "A Place to Stand" which I'm currently reading, its really good do check it out! Whats in my cup? Iced Green Tea unsweetened (;
3)Red nails? On me? R-A-R-E. I'm partial to darker shades of red when it comes to my nails so you could only imagine this was jarring for me to see but I thought I'd step into the light since it was starting to warm up a bit....surprise surprise i hated it the ONLY reason i bought it was because it was on sail for 82 cents!
Nail color by Maybelline in "Keep The Flame" (what you cant see are the red glittery tips for some reason my cam didn't pick that up)
4) I went to the sports show (boats, guns, fishing and camo stuff) at State Fair (our local fair grounds) with a friend over the weekend this was all i bought, Candied cashews....yum!
5) Be Happy & Positive.....that's all I really want.
6) A couple of friends and I went out for FroYo after class can you say Y-U-M?! I chose salted caramel pretzel topped with granola, berries and a few brownie bites!! *drools* (no, that other one isn't mine)
7)GHEE (clarified butter) I don't eat fried foods much these days or much of anything "unhealthy" so this was kind of hard to adjust to.
8) Every time i go grocery shopping i find a cute little stem of broccoli and name him, i don't know why but i makes me happy!
9)SEROOGYS Meltaways, now I'm not one for chocolate but when you live in Wisconsin its a must you get Seroogys every now and then! If you haven't tried it do it, now! Its soooo light, airy and not too intense.  Buy Yours Here

Monday, March 23, 2015


I never intended on posting about my outfit today, I originally planned on making a run to Ulta then going back home however I started doing my makeup and thought to myself "why not go out and shoot its nice out" (it might not look "nice" but it was 68 degrees and WI that's a major heatwave) so I text my friend and asked if she'd helped me shoot!

Scarf- Target (old)

Makeup Details
Lippies: Vampira-KvD
MAC Face & Body (C5)
L'oreal True Match (W7)
NYX MICRO-brow (Ash Brown) check my review out (:

cheesy pose (:

Jack Daniels Tank- Thrifted D.I.Y.
Plaid Button Down-Old Navy similar here

Disco Leggings-H&M similar here & here
Boots-Target (Sale) similar here & here

At this point we were fooling around it got soooo cold at this point we were ready to pack it up however we did have so much fun working together.
Thanks for reading

Sunday, March 15, 2015


Hello Beauties!

Here are some swatches of the Tartelette palette as promised!
 This is what they look look like on a deeper skin tone for those who may have been wondering what they might look like on them, keep in mind that the shades will vary on your face compared to my arm.
(None of these have been swatched with a primer nor have the photos been edited)

 If you'd like to see an in-depth review please check this video out (:

My favorites are: Free Spirit (super pigmented, use a light hand),Natural Beauty & Best Friend.
From Left to Right: Free Spirit, Force of Nature, Dreamer & Multi-tasker

Caregiver,Natural Beauty,Best Friend & Bombshell

Super Mom,Wanderer,Power Player & Fashionista

 Like I say in my video I L-O-V-E this palette, mostly because it's very practical for daily use and they're all matte shadows, as you can see some shades are pretty chalky and go on a bit patchy but that's not hard to fix you make need to pack on two layers depending on your base.
Yes some are very chalky and ashy looking on my skin and when I apply them to my eyes as well (mostly the mid tone shades like Wanderer, Force of Nature and Power Player) but that doesn't make me love this product any less!
Definitely check it out for yourselves and see how you like it.


Monday, March 2, 2015

My Week In Photos #2

1: Red isnt A flavor

2: Round 3......this will be the third time Ive had my nose pierced and it will be the last! Im loving it so far.

3: My cousin invited me out to help her go dress shopping for her was definitely an experience. 
FYI Im not in the wedding.


5: Hola Marzo be good to me por favor!

6: Im trying out a few new hair products that I'll be sharing with you all soon.

7: My favorite Sasquatch sweater I'm always wearing is from H&M  buy it Here I cant find it on the website any longer however you should check your stores Ive noticed quite a few at mine. It also comes in Burgundy and Teal.

8:Somebody went to Ulta (:

9: 90's Kids know about this life!