Tuesday, July 14, 2015

A Little Bit Country.....


Boots: Steve Madden (old)
Bag: Micheal Kors

I thought i'd step out of my comfort zone today by wearing #1 a dress and #2 color, scary! After a few hours i couldn't stand it any longer lol


Sunday, July 5, 2015

Milwaukee Public Market

Wisconsin has so much to offer during the warmer months and its so sad that we're so underrated! We have thousands of lakes, yes more than Minnesota! Tons of amazing wooded areas, camp grounds, festivals, speaking of which we're home to the largest musical festival in the world SUMMERFEST and much more. 

Today however I'm showing you a favorite spot of mine in my home town of Milwaukee or how we say "M'waukee" lol 

The Milwaukee Public Market is the MOST amazing place to eat, drink, shop and make friends, there are so many places to choose from. You can have an authentic taste of Mexico, Morocco, Japan and much more....  The pickiest eater can find anything to eat here that's how diverse the market is. Everything is fresh from seafood to local fruits and veggies, gluten free options are also at your fingertips which is great for those of that are gluten intolerant. Price is also an important factor right? Well I'm here to tell you that you won't be disappointed, yes some things might be a bit much but there's a price point for everyone. I really wish i could've got more pictures but it was extremely busy because of Summerfest/ Fireworks on the 3rd.

If you decide to try anything while you're there go to C. Adams Bakery then proceed to purchase the carrot cake because its AMAZING!

Grab a glass whine when you visit this stand (:

There's MKE pride everywhere, I love it!

Volcano Chicken from Thai-Namite
-Jasmin rice
-plum sauce
I had so much left over after I shared with friends, you get what you pay for.
They also have a fresh sushi bar with so many options to choose from and everyone is so nice. The hot food is prepared to order so its extremely fresh and worth the wait.

C.Adams Bakery
(i left a link at the start of the blog post)
I thought these little grill cookies were stinking cute so i had to snap a pic.

C.Adams Bakery

C. Adams Bakery
This was the carrot cake I told you about omg please if you can try it get your hands on it! $5 for a three layer mini cake of heaven might sound like a bit much to people but its so worth it!

on the walk back to the car we just made it across before the boat arrived

the kayakers were doing an amazing job by the way 

boat things...

Harbor View condos & docks oh how I wish I could live there *sigh* maybe one day?

we took a detour on the boardwalk by MIAD

dream living

I hope you enjoyed my favorite spots around Milwaukee, theres so much more but this is were I feel at peace. 
Thanks for reading!