Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Take Me Out The Ball Game.......

Heeeey guys! I went to my first Brewers game of the season on Saturday (April 12th) it was sooooo fun even after we got rained out of our seats haha. I would've vlogged but I kind of forgot, sorry buuut I did take some pictures. If you follow me on Instagram you may have already seen them and the video of us getting rained on. 

Gotta have the shameless ootd right?! 

Outfit info: 
Navy blue bomber:H&M 
Gold necklace: H&M 
Brewers tee: Team store
H&M basic white tank
Moto jeans: H&M 
Cowboy boots: Steve Madden (not sure if you can still purchase these)
Coach bag 

We went to eat first cause we all know how exspenxsive food is at the stadium lol however I wanted to eat there because they just put Aj Bombers in! Yes I know tailgating is the norm but this was not a well planned out day so next time we def will do that. 
This is Louie he was my date lol 

                         Miller Park

We of course welcomed back our #1 RYAN BRAUN woooo! 

It looks like I have a mullet *deep sigh* 

Walking up the ramp....
I'm out of shape *cries* but I gotta get to the beer!!!
 I should be ashamed of myself for not getting a local brand buuuut I wanted something different don't judge me. 

Now on to our seats....they weren't the best but I liked them. 

Beautiful right (:

Settling in......
                 (Donna'Bell and I)
                          Smh lol
             This is "mom" aka Sarah 
So I took Ashley's clip-in and the ppl a few rows above thought I found it on the ground haha they were soooo grossed out it was great. 

But first let me take a a selfie.....