Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Olay Fresh Effects......

I've been using this range from Olay since they launched it and I absolutely love it!!! It's perfect for the warmer months here in Wisconsin. It's fresh, clean, lightweight, and affordable. You can find these products and more at any drugstore. 

I literally use these products daily when the weather is nice. I have sensitive skin nothing has broken me out ever. 

I only use these 3 products at the moment but they have plenty more to choose from. I will say the only product of theirs I will not be trying is the BB Cream only because it does not come in many shades just light and light/medium unfortunately, it sucks because I've heard good things about it. They have a few face washes/scrubs as well. 

Dew Over
$12 1.7 oz. 

Is a gel formula, not greasy, smooth, lightweight, smells really good as well like honeysuckle and white tea this moisturizer does not contain SPF which may be a downside for most people however I'm ok with that. I like to use this under more matte foundations to give a more skin like appearance. I also like it under MAC face and body. 

Long Live Moisture! 
$10 1.7oz

This is by far my most favorite moisturizer on the planet aside from my Vichy Aqualia Thermal but that is another story for another post.  If you haven't noticed I love gel moisturizers more than cream ha! However this one is slightly different than most you'd find in the drugstore because it's it's a gel and cream mix with a pearlescent finish, super silky, and extremely hydrating which leaves your skin glowing with or without foundation. It also acts as a primer for me so I can skip a step and that makes things easier for me although it's insignificant. SPF isn't in this either but like I said before that isn't a problem for me. I love to use this with tinted moisturizers or bb creams because its non oily and doesn't weigh me now. There's no real scent. 

Everything Off
$5 for 25 wipes. 

Lightly scented, not greasy but leaves a tad bit of a residue after use but that is typical of any wipe I've ever use to be honest. They do get everything of like they say with no burning to the eyes. I haven't broken out from these at all.