Sunday, March 2, 2014

Lipstick of The Month......Prague!

So I think I'll start a series here on my blog called "Random Raves" because I never have enough things to show monthly and I'll never remember to save certain things to show at a later date so whenever I have a random favorite I will post it here. Id do vids but I can't currently edit any videos on my laptop.

Let's start with my very first "Random Favorite" ^_^

This product is not new but more of an rediscovered favorite lol I love them quite a bit and I recently went on a hunt for a nice pinky berry shade for my lippy collection when I found Prague soft matte lip cream by NYX although I wanted more of a satin finish this is fine with me for the moment simply because I can't stop wearing it. 

           (Left no flash/ right w/flash)
I bought mine at Ulta for around $5 from past experience using this product I know it's still super drying on the lips and somewhat patchy. 

                 In bad lighting.....

                       Natural lighting

 With the flash on, it looks more purple than it actually is in person.