Sunday, March 2, 2014

Friday Night Out + OOTN

I went to work then decided to do a bit of shopping after however I hadn't really planned on going to my friends going away party simply because I wasn't feeling like myself so I dressed pretty casually although it wasn't a formal event or anything. It was nice seeing her and her family after all these years, man how things change.....well enough about me let's get on with the pictures! ^_^

On my lips I'm wearing Loreal La Laq in Laquerizing 

Hat: Target 
Military Jacket: Old Navy (sale)
Oversized Sweatshirt/Leggings: H&M 
Quilted Studded bag: F21
Necklace: Thrifted
Phone case: Amazon
Pyramid ring: H&M 
Gold band: H&M 
Black stone ring: vintage

Mai Tai margarita at Bd's Mongolian Grill, it was sooo good! I didn't really eat I opted for an appetizer. 

Crab Rangoon with sweet chili sauce...
These weren't the best I've had but that's kind of what I expected. 

                        Becca & I 

I've known her since I was 12 we've had our ups and downs but we're in a good place now and I wish her well in her move. 

I didn't stay long plus she was late (as usual lol) I ended up heading across town to a few more bars with some other friends......

                    Jack & Coke

Then we did some shots......

I also had my very first dark beer lol you'd think being from Wisconsin I would've done this a lot sooner, I loved it! 

My night ended shortly after this with a bag of Taco Bell,a huge cup of baja blast and Supernatural...gotta love Jensen Ackles 😍