Monday, April 20, 2015

GLOSSYBOX (April) Review

Hello Loves!

I'm not sure where to start with this months box? Ive had a love/hate relationship with GB for some months now *sigh* do to the fact they haven't been as on point as they usually are. Ive honestly been thinking about canceling my subscription, the only reason I haven't is because as soon as I do BAM some super awesome item will happen in that box! I don't want to give up just yet maybe ill push on til July. I will say Iwasn't so disappointed in this months box, I suppose it made up for the last one which was awful! I can honestly say I haven't liked a box since.......*clock ticks in the background* who knows when? 
The thing is why ask your customers to fill out a beauty profile then completely ignore it? I know the idea of the box is to try new things, that's fine but If i say I don't like floral perfumes, I don't have color treated hair, I want more makeup in my box shouldn't i get that? Even when they ask "what colors do you prefer?" I choose darker shades and end up with some shades i cant wear because they're meant for much lighter skin or some irrelevant ass color nobody would actually wear. I don't know maybe I'm being picky but I pay money for a service that I feel isn't being met, not even after evaluations. 
I like the service for the most part I just wish they would take that in to consideration.


 How cute is the box!!!? 
I wish they would do something like this more often not just for one-off boxes or collabs, maybe not this "fancy" but a pattern would be nice not just the boring pink. (I know its their signature color)

1) MARRAKESH ENDZ-Split end mender $5.99-17.99 
I haven't tried it yet, I'm not big into hair products yet they keep giving them to me however if you are you can check them out HERE 
2)AERIN Waterlily Sun fragrance $110 (Full Size) 
I'm not big on floral scents and getting perfume in my box so I gave it away to my sister who is absolutely in love with it. 
Get yours HERE  
3) OCC Stained Glass $18 (full size) in Jealous
I didn't like the color (on me), very light weight, thin, comfortable, stained nicely.
You can find OCC at Sephora and OOC's website.
4)ESTEE LAUDER Enlighten Dark Spot Correcting Night Serum $62 (full size)
I'm excited to try this out, I will update you on how I like it.
Get yours HERE 
If you order on their website use this code GLOSSY0515 for %15 off until 6/15/15
5)JULEP Gel Eye Glider $16 (full size) 
I received shade Smoky Plum which is a really nice deep purple. (obviously lol) Its very creamy and pretty long lasting.
Get yours HERE
This months box also came with a small makeup bag from ThursdayFriday collab with Glossy box and inside was an awesome discount card inside.

Overall I didn't hate this months box as much as previous boxes, I think what made me the most excited was the art itself to be honest. I really like the detail.
My favorite items are the makeup bag, I'll be getting some use out of that on trips, OCC Stained Gloss it was very comfortable on the lips most importantly it wasn't sticky!


Thanks for reading