Wednesday, February 18, 2015

A Week In Photos.....#1

1) The "typical" Starbucks snap.....Whats in my cup? Caramel Macchiato! I also like it iced but its been far too cold lately.

2) Bath & Body Works Scentportable: Mahogany Teakwood, yum! Its a very warm, inviting and "masculine" scent. I don't remember what's currently in my car now but this baby is up next. I don't think I'll be purchasing anymore because I cant tell its there 90% of the time honestly the ONLY reason I got these was because they were on sale for like $2 or something. Maybe they're not working for me because its winter and its far too cold? Hopefully in the warmer months they'll have more of an aromatic dynamic going on.

3) Ive been eyeballing this lighter for a while, there's nothing special about it I just like camo.

4) FOTD My foundation has been more flawless than usual *toots horn* Its all thanks to Wayne Goss I swear he's magic! lol Ive also been in love with Kat von D's Vampire liquid lipstick I wear it almost everyday.

5) Went to Noodles with a friend and I ordered something I wouldn't normally get; Thai rice noodle soup......BOMB couldve been spicier. I'm not a huge "soup" person.

6) S'more need I say more? Find them here

7) I find it funny that as a child i HATED popcorn balls the flavor was weird and I don't care much for chocolate either yet I loved this "gourmet" popcorn ball! yummy!

8) Caramel is my favorite scent and flavor so you know I had to buy this! You can get yours at Target they don't sell this particular brand online also some scents vary as far as how strong the scent is while burning.

9) Saved the best for last.....Red Velvet is one of the few flavors of cake I like and I have to say Oreo nailed this! If you can still get your hands on a package do it! Get up now and get some! GO!