Wednesday, February 11, 2015

M I C R O_Brow

So NYX came out with a bunch of new products recently and I believe this Micro Brow product is one of them? I'm not 100% sure but I'm 95% sure its pretty new because Ive seen and tried their other brow pencils and hated them all UNTIL...........NOW! 
If you've been following me on Youtube or Instagram for a while you'd know Ive been using Maybelline's DEFINE-A-Brow for years and loving it to death! Now I don't like to spend much on brow pencils because I go through them quite fast however I am open to splurging on something like ABH brow pomade thingy not just yet however lol so I saw this Micro brow pencil and prayed it could replace my current love (define a brow) because its sooooo hard to find in my shade (medium brown) at the store.
I'm so happy to say Ive replaced my Maybelline brow pencil for NYX MICRO Brow which you can purchase at Ulta for $10

This is definitely comaparable to ABH Brow Wiz however....this point is thinner.

 My shade is Ash Brown which looks a lot lighter on the brow than it does when its swatched but I like pretty light brows compared to my darker hair. There are 9 shades in total so it's easy to find something to match everyone which is always nice.

 Micro is the perfect word to describe the tip of the pencil! Its perfect! I found that it gave my brows a much more natural look so if you're a person that likes a more natural brow this is for you also if you have thicker/fuller brows this is perfect to fill in some little patches or add a bit more structure without making them look over done.
The only thing it claims to do is be smudge proof, its not but it also lasts for a long time! It also comes with a spooly on the opposite end.

I love this, I have zero complaints about it! It works perfectly for me its not too creamy or too dry but it has an slight tackiness to it and I find that helpful. The texture is more on the dryer end that's something I look for in brow pencils because lets face it nobody wants greasy looking eyebrows halfway through the day. 
Also It looks nice alone....very natural.

Im wearing just the pencil on my brows for an everyday look.


Here Im using it as base for other shadows for A more intense brow look.

long lasting
natural looking
large shade range


I give this a 10/10 (: