Saturday, June 27, 2015

Week In Photos #4

Ive been MIA for a while I know!! Ive been trying to get a hang of my new Macbook it so different than my old one and Ive been going through some personal things in my life as well that I may touch on in a later post.  

On a higher note here's some things I've been up to over the last few days/weeks.

1) Bourbon, Ive been really in to that stuff lately. Im normally not a dark liquor fan but things change as you age.

2) Salmon with lemon garlic aioli and sautéed greens. #ChefTris

3) Red Robin.....YUUUM! 

4) Avocado on toast is my go to breakfast or snack, yummy!

5) Bananas Foster Froyo need i say more?

6) Backyard fun with some friends

7) SIL's Mini doughnuts are staple when you're at Summerfest

8) I saw this cool pic on tumblr of vintage soda cans, thought it was nice.

9) I do need more shoes

10) Happy Fathers Day Dad! (: 
(I did tell him on time by the way )