Saturday, April 4, 2015

The Ripped Knee Jean

Why is it so hard to find jeans that fit properly when you're not 6 feet tall and thin? Its like they just say "the hell with it just throw some random a** measurements out there, they're fat so they'll settle!" Well we shouldn't have to settle, we should have great fitting jeans just like anyone else without someone saying "if you lose weight they'll fit better" maybe we don't want to?! After I lose weight will I magically get taller too? Like? Are you serious?! 
There are many faults with plus size clothing as most of us being short! NEWS FLASH we aren't all tall I stand about 5'2" and finding jeans that are decent is an absolute nightmare! Then there's the ankle width issue which i feel is ALWAYS overlooked when making plus size skinny jeans. My ankles are really thin for my size so P.S.S.J (plus size skinny jeans) end up looking like straight leg jeans or even wide leg jeans. Lastly for me anyway is the selection of styles, we don't get the wide range of color, pattern and the ripped look like "regular"sized jeans do, if we do they cost an arm and a leg and they're harder to find.
With all that being said I cant say I found the perfect skinny jean for me HOWEVER I came pretty close I wish they had more styles but I know Old Navy has been working on bringing out more for us full figured ladies out here.

Camo Jacket:Thrifted
Striped 3/4 Sleeve: H&M here
Skinnies: Old Navy (they dont have this style anymore)
Lippies: MAC Ruby Woo
 Size: 16/Short
Super soft
very comfortable
not skinny enough at the ankle (for me)

 I will say Old Navy has come such a long way although they have a ways to go yet but I appreciate the effort they're putting in to help plus size/curvy women feel even better in a pair of jeans.

These aren't the skinniest, as you can see i still have a bunch of room however this has been the best fit I've had in a long time without wearing jeggings. I don't get bunching at the bottom (which I don't mind most of the time), they have a bit of stretch with just enough give, the length is perfect for my height. The downside is they do stretch out a bit during the day and I'm still too short for the rips near my knees lol 

 The reason I love denim is because theres so much freedom in how you choose to style it, it's so versatile.

One day I hope to find the perfect skinny jean and If you haven't I wish you luck on your search.