Monday, January 19, 2015


This facial spray isn't new to me in terms of I've heard of it before but I always forgot to buy it while I'd be shopping around for other things in Ulta, Its a shame really because I fell in love with it and its now a part of my daily routine. The downside to this is Ulta (at least mine doesn't) doesn't carry the 12 oz which sucks because you'd be paying a bit more for two 4oz bottles you can only purchase the 12 oz on Mario Badescu's site (link below) and possibly amazon.

4 oz. retails for $7.00
$8 oz. retails for $12.00
Both prices are very reasonable in my opinion, I'd call this a steal for the wonders its done for my skin over the last month. 

Contains: Rosewater, "Herbs" and Aloe

You can purchase it here or here

Leaves makeup glowy and natural
Can be used as a refresher much like Mac's Fix+
Smells like Roses more than Aloe which isn't a problem unless you hate the smell of flowers (the smell doesn't linger) 
Safe for all skin types
Sprays evenly
Travels well
Non irritating

I like to use mine right after I wash my face just before I moisturize which helps especially when I'm wearing a matte foundation then I'll spray after I powder and set my face makeup and if I feel like it sometimes after I use my setting spray (i know a bit overboard lol) 
I also found that it helped reduced the redness in my face do to an allergic reaction I was having to something and this helped clear my skin up in about a week, and the itchiness was soothed as well. I will say that my skin feels more youthful,supple and a bit radiant since I started using it....i do drink a lot more water than I have been so that's also be helping. This isn't a ground breaking formula at all you can make this at home if you'd like but if you're like me (too lazy to make it lol) then by all means buy it, its great! Its not ALL NATURAL nor does it claim to be.
Would I re-purchase? Yes!!! I love it, it changed my day time routine for the better.

Rating 10/10